Second Joint International Conference Clothing-Body Interaction 2023

The Second Joint International Conference Clothing-Body Interaction 2023 is organized by the teams of Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Yordan Kyosev, Chair of Assembly Technology for Textile Products, ITM, TU Dresden, Germany; Prof. Dr. Lukas Capek, Regional Hospital in Liberec and Department of the Technologies and Structures, Technical University Liberec, Czech Republic and the team of Instituto de Biomécanica (IBV), Universitat Politècnica de València, VALENCIA, Spain.

2nd Joint International Conference Clothing-Body Interaction March 27-28, 2023

The conference is planned as LIVE event in Berlin, in the Hurricane Factory . Online streaming for pure online participants will be possible.

It aims to provide a platform for the exchange between the researchers and industrials in the area of the complex interactions between the human body and clothing.


Welcome are research papers and industrial presentations in the areas of:

  • Biomechanics, rigging, kinematic models
  • 3D & 4D body scanning and analysis
  • Mechanical clothing-body interaction, FEM models and simulations, softbody techniques
  • Thermal and moisture clothing-body interaction
  • Personal protection equipment
  • Forensic biomechanics, damages in clothing and body
  • Other related to the interaction between the clothing and human body topics

The event is supported by the Czech Society of Biomechanics and the publications by the Saxonia State and University Library (SLUB). Fulltexts paper will be published after peer review process in leading journals in the area.

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