Roll-to-roll processing and coating of flexible materials like polymer films, metal foils, ultra- thin glass, membranes, and textiles is a growing industry with a wide variety of important industrial products like packaging films, solar control window films, batteries, capacitors, touch-screens, flexible lighting sources, RFIDs, anti-counterfeiting labels, solar cells, future flexible displays, building envelope components, and many more.

The roll-to-roll industry keeps being very challenging. Fraunhofer FEP provides the R&D service to the industry that is needed to keep pace with the fast developing and innovative roll-to-roll technology. It is therefore an obligation, honor and a great pleasure for us to host the pro flex 2017.

The scope of the workshop pro flex 2017 is to bring together equipment suppliers, film manufacturers, users of roll-to-roll equipment, converters, end-users of flexible materials as well as R&D institutions. The workshop pro flex has first been successfully held in 2004 in Dresden with more than 100 participants from 15 countries (Europe, Asia, and America), and then in 2007, 2010, and 2013 with even more participants. The attendees appreciate both the face-to-face atmosphere of a workshop with up-to-date presentations and the flair of an international conference. This workshop provides the perfect opportunity to get most current information about the state of the art in roll-to-roll technology. At the pro flex 2017, the presenters are encouraged to put a special focus on the challenges of technology scale up. Technology scale up is where R&D, technology and business meet to create a success.

We, at Fraunhofer FEP, are dedicated to make the pro flex 2017 worthwhile to the audience and presenters. Take this unique chance to meet renowned experts in the field of roll-to-roll processing of flexible materials and be a part of pro flex 2017.

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