Matchmaking Friday - Automotive Edition


Virtual Matchmaking Event


19.03.2021 09:00 - 13:00


Virtual Workshop


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Developing Business Opportunities in Flexible and Wearable Electronics.

SmartEEs cluster partners DSP Valley (BE/NL), Minalogic (FR) and OES (DE) are proud to announce a series of online sessions bringing SMEs, Midcaps, Labs and RTOs together around Flexible Electronics Business Opportunities.

We invite you to meet with potential partners through:

  • visionary key notes
  • pitching sessions and
  • curated matchmaking

New angles, fresh ideas, existing technology.

Automotive Edition

Flexible electronics in automotive is a combination with a bright future, in part because of the many combinations of possibilities between the two domains.

Whether we’re discussing creating Automotive parts with flexible electronics inside them, or matching flexible electronic technology to digital applications in the automotive sector, there are many ways the two sectors offer each other fruitful collaboration.


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