Laser Cutting of Ultra-thin Glass for Electronics, Displays and OLED-lighting Devices

Join the 3D-Micromac web seminar on Tuesday, 29th 2021 at 4 p.m. (CEST) and find out how ultra-thin glass can be cut with laser technology.

This online seminar will show you application examples and machining solutions for the production of display components, electronics and OLED lighting applications that are based on ultrathin glass.

The web Seminar aims on anyone who is working in R&D or companies that are dealing with the production in which ultra-thin glass and glass stacks are involved. This includes manufacturers of display components and electronics as well as OLED lighting applications.

Ultrathin glasses only have thicknesses between 30 and 100 µm. Therefore, they are perfectly suited for being used in so-called foldables and smart devices with AR or VR functionalities. Also, for automotive applications they become more and more important as very thin and flexible formable displays are often sought after.

After this webinar you will know if laser technology is a possible solution for your future challenges in the production of components that are made of thin glass.

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