Korean-German Material Cooperation with a Focus on Semiconductor Industry

The semiconductor industry is critical to economic competitiveness and indeed even national security. Amidst the reshaping of the global supply chains, many electronic materials and device sectors are making efforts to strengthen their competitiveness to nurture a semiconductor industry which is more resilient and sound. Since the semiconductor industry is a sector which is deeply impacted by government policies, it is also important to learn about relevant policies and practices.

It is against this backdrop that the Embassy of the Republic of Korea, in partnership with the Fraunhofer IKTS, is holding a seminar on November 30, under the theme of „Korea-Germany Material Cooperation with a Focus on the Semiconductor Industry“.

Since Korea and Germany are broadening the horizons of their shared endeavors to encompass economic security issues and beyond, and given that Dresden has tremendous capacity for research and a whole range of companies related to this field, the seminar will provide a valuable opportunity to discuss how the two countries can work together in cutting-edge technologies and supply chains.

Through the seminar you will also gain insights into how the semiconductor industry may be reshaped in the future. It offers a great chance to share thoughts on the prospects for material cooperative initiatives between Korea and Germany on the path before us.

Seminar  /  November 30, 2022, 10:00–12:00 a.m.
Steigenberger Hotel Dresden, Neumarkt 9 , 01067 Dresden, Germany
free of charge

This is the 4th Seminar as part of the 2022 Korea-Germany Dialogue Series „Design the Future“, discussions initiated by the Embassy of the Republic of Korea to give thought to issues of common interest both to Korea and Germany such as climate, energy, digitalization, and science and technology.

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