Joint International Conference „Clothing-Body Interaction 2021“

The „Clothing Body Interaction will take place on 02-03 June 2021.

The Joint International Conference Clothing-Body Interaction 2021 is organized by the teams of Prof. Dr. Lukas Capek, Department of the Technologies and Structures, Technical University Liberec, Czech Republic and Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Yordan Kyosev, Chair of Assembly Technology for Textile Products, ITM, TU Dresden, Germany.


• Biomechanics, rigging, kinematic models
• 3D & 4D body scanning and analysis
• Mechanical clothing-body interaction, FEM models and simulations, softbody techniques
• Thermal and moisture clothing-body interaction
• Personal protection equipment
• Forensic biomechanics, damages in clothing and body
• Other related to the interaction between the clothing and human body topics

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