ICFPE 2018

Printing technology is widely used for printing of newspaper, packaging foils etc. and is known to have high throughput. Recently, printing fabrication has been increasingly explored for other applications such as “Printed Electronics” which is rapidly advancing from research and inventions to commercialization and products. However, there are still vibrant debates about the advantages of the printed electronics over current Si based electronics in terms of the process cost and the device performance.

Nevertheless, the printed electronics is still very promising novel manufacturing technologies for many applications and represents multi-billion dollars market, which will change our world enabling a variety of innovative products made from low cost electronic paper or plastic film, such as (i) electronic clothing, lighting, books, (ii) the biodegradable and disposable mobile phone, iPod and laptop, (iii) cars that glow in the dark, (iv) billboard, poster, airport screen, packet of drugs and shelf sign with color display, etc.

The International Conference on Flexible and Printed Electronics (ICFPE) will highlight challenges, emerging processes and applications in printing process, materials and devices. It will cover a broad range of topics in this field and focus on novel processes, novel materials and devices, enabled or constrained particularly by the nature of printing processing.


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