Electronic Textiles & Skin Patches: Hardware & Software

Immerse yourself in the fascinating world of e-textiles, smart apparel, and fibertronics at our upcoming event, highlighting the latest innovations in these rapidly growing sectors of wearable technology. Discover breakthroughs in textile-based human-environment interactions, embroidered electronics, intelligent fabrics, soft and stretchable electronics, and cutting-edge fibertronics applications.

Our event showcases the future of smart apparel, e-textiles, and wearable computing, placing special emphasis on advancements in embroidery, fibertronics, and textile heaters. Gain insights into the development of soft wearable bioelectronics, stretchable electronics, electronic tattoos, intelligent skin patches, vital signs monitoring, and soft circuits, all integrated into the fabric of wearable technology.

Electronic Textiles & Skin Patches: Hardware & Software – 24-25 May 2023 – Virtual Event

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