9th Germany-Japan Joint Workshop

We are pleased to invite you to the 9th German-Japanese Workshop on „Flexible, Printed Electronics and Sensors“. Together with our partners Yamagata University and the Saxony Economic Development Corporation we bring to you cutting edge technology from the field of flexible and printed electronics and sensors. Listen to Keynote sessions from pioneers in the field of organic electronics. Get insights into current trends and developments in parallel sessions with Japanese and German companies. Present your company, technology and expertise in a poster session and get in contact with international partners from Japan, Saxony and Europe.

Experience the future of electronics, today!

Language: English
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Final Agenda

08:30 – 09:30 Keynote Session

08:30    Welcome remarks by WFS and YU
08:35    Greetings by the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany Tokyo
08:40    Prof. Karl Leo, IAPP – TU Dresden „Organic Sensors and Transistor for Novel Applications“
09:05    Prof. Junji Kido, Frontier Center for Organic Materials FROM – Yamagata University „OLED Activities in Yamagata“

09:30 – 10:30 Parallel Session

Session 1: Japan Session
09:30    Yano, MORESCO Corporation “All printed organic photovoltaics”
09:45    Nishimu Electronics Industries CO., LTD. “Agricultural IT sensor MIHARAS”
10:00    Kosuke Tomita, NEXVISION TECHNOLOGIES “Trends of automotive technologies”
10:15    Hideaki Daiko, Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation “Global rapid growth market and expectations for new devices”

Session 2: Germany Session
09:30    Dr. Konstantin Livanov, ORELTECH “Plasma metallization: the future of printed electronics”
09:45    Dr. Florian Ullrich, InnovationLabs “Digitalization of dentalcare with our printed organic sensors”
10:00    Sebastian Gepp, Freudenberg Industrie Siebdruck GmbH “Applications utilizing Flexible Electronics and Screen Printing”
10:15    Dr. Michael Wöltje, ITM – TU Dresden “Textile sensor structures and resorbable substrates for medical device development”

10:30 – 11:30 Networking & Poster Session in Breakout Sessions

10:30    Dr. Dominik Gronarz, OES “Introduction – Joint Japanese-German Collaboration”
10:35    1st round of Poster Sessions & Networking

1. Prof. Karl Leo / IAPP TU Dresden – „Organic Sensors and Transistor for Novel Applications“
2. Sebastian Gepp / Freudenberg – „Applications utilizing Flexible Electronics“
3. Dr. Florian Ullrich / InnovationLab – „Digitalization of dentalcare with our printed organic sensors“
4. Kosuke Tomita / NEXVISION – „Startup Opportunities in Mobility Sector“
5. Junichi Yano / MORESCO – „Flexible OPV Wet process“
6. Maria Esche / Adenso – „Roll-to-Roll solutions for flexible electronics – free form electronics and ultrathin glass sensors“
7. Iñaki Braco / EMBEGA – „EMBEGA Functional Screen-Printing Expertise“
8. Dr. Karsten Walzer / Heliatek – „Large Area Organic Lighting Applications (LAOLA) on flexible ultra-thin glass“
9. Dr. Wulf Grählert / Fraunhofer IWS – „Accelerated Barrier Measurement“
10. Dr. Maziar Ahmadi / IMAZ Technology Innovation – „SmartGlove Optimal health monitoring system“
11. David Dewey / Fujikura Kasei Co., Ltd. – „DOTITE Stretchable Pastes – Challenges and Evolution“
12. Masaru Yamashita / General Co., Ltd. – „Further possibility of RFID- Introduction of Bolt & Screw RFID tags“
13. Prof. T. Sano / Yamagata University – tbc
14. Armin Reith / Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen – „The favourite European technology trade hub“
15. Mark Abendroth / ELANTAS – „New Developments of ELANTAS in the field of conductive and insulation inks“

10:55    Break
11:00    2nd round of Poster Sessions & Networking

1. Prof. Junji Kido / Yamagata University – „OLEDs in COI Project“
2. Hideaki Daiko / Toshiba – „Global rapid growth market and expectations for new devices“
3. Yuki Wakiyama / Nishimu – „Agricultural IT Sensor ‚MIHARAS‘ That Solves Agricultural Problems“
4. Dr. Michael Wöltje / ITM TU Dresden – „Textile sensor structures and resorbable substrates for medical device development“
5. Dr. Konstantin Livanov / OrelTech – „OrelTech – Advanced metallization technology“
6. Iori Doi / Mitsubishi Chemical – „Development of Flexible and Stretchable Epoxy Films for Printed Electronics Applications“
7. Prof. Tadahiro Furukawa / Yamagata University – „Introduction of YU-FIC ‚Consortium based on printing and roll-to-roll technology'“
8. Marcin Ratajczak / INURU – „Easy integrable smart packaging and labels made with printed electronics“
9. Dr. Caroline Murawski / Kurt-Schwabe-Institut – „Towards interfacing the brain with flexible organic LEDs“
10. Dr. Kentaro Harada / OPERA SOLUTIONS – „The art of prototyping – OPERA SOLUTIONS Inc.“
12. Jitka Barm / OES – „NE4HEALTH project overview“
13. Armin Reith / Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen – „Saxony as a world leading Microelectronics and ICT location“
14. Claudio Flores / Umi-Hotaru – „Umi-Hotaru: Bio-inspired OLED“
15. Dr. Holger Becker / microfluidic ChipShop – „High resolution, low-cost electrodes in microfluidics – an unsolved problem“

11:20    Closing remarks
11:30    End of Workshop

Dr. Dominik Gronarz, Organic Electronic Saxony (OES)
Prof. Tatsuhiro Takahashi, INOEL, Yamagata University

List of Poster Sessions

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