3rd Workshop on Organic Neuromorphic Devices and Systems

Following the success of the 1st and 2nd workshop held in Ferrara, Italy on June 2019 and Chania, Greece in October 2022, the workshop aims to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers, research scholars and in particular industrial players. This will create an interdisciplinary stage to exchange and share knowledge and research results on the topic related to neuromorphic devices with a particular interest on the ones based on organic materials.

The research field of neuromorphic devices is experiencing an exciting growing in the past years as the constant evolution of artificial intelligence — well established at the software level — is pushing the development of devices able to integrate — at the hardware level — the learning capability of biological nervous system. In order to reproduce the functionalities of biological neural networks — based on neurons interconnected through synapses — these systems are mimicked in the form of artificial neural networks (ANNs). Neuromorphic devices serve as building blocks for ANNs, by operating as artificial neurons or synapses, and by emulating high order dynamics. Neuromoprhic devices based on organic semiconductor materials are of particular interest for bioelectronics, medical applications or environmental sensing. The soft nature of organic materials, their biocompatibility, and the fact that they can operate in liquid environments is ideal for the implementation of wetware computer, which could directly interface with the human body.

NOD – Workshop
18. – 20. September 2023 | Hotel Elbresidenz, Bad Schandau, Germany

Abstract submission deadline – 31 May 2023

Early Bird Registration Deadline – 15 July 2023

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