LightJumps – An efficient and effective platform for the cooperation of photonics clusters and the exploitation of European SMEs potential.

Photonics is a key innovation driver in many research and application areas like telecommunications, lighting, entertainment, laser-assisted manufacturing and sensors. Europe is a leading actor in the photonics sector, responsible of 20.3% of the global production, and it is paramount to create a solid framework and virtual infrastructure, foster the competitiveness and global leadership of the EU photonic industry and contribute to the creation of growth and jobs in Europe, whilst raising, at the same time, the awareness of the importance of photonics by all stakeholders, including industry, academia and wider public.

The LightJumps project stems from the need to overcome present difficulties such as networking efficiently; the inability and lack of ambition in extending targets and cooperation; absence of important actors in the value chain; Non-uniformity and fragmentation at the regional and national levels of clusters’ roles and activities.

The LightJumps project will connect photonic clusters, enabling technologies and stakeholders (research partners and SMEs), with clusters and stakeholders in specific application areas, as such bridging communities and help overcoming fragmentation. LightJumps will build and “market-test” a unified and structured industry-driven classification scheme, knowledge framework, support methodologies, interlinked communities and web-based tools to harness the potential of EU companies.
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  1. PNO Consultants (Ciaotech S.r.l in Italy) (Italy)
  2. Politecnico di Milano, POLIMI (Italy)
  3. Fraunhofer FEP (Germany)
  4. Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, CNR (Italy)
  5. Sensor City, SENC (Netherlands)
  6. Lazio Connect, LAZIOCT (Italy)
  7. Organic Electronics Saxony, OES (Germany)
  8. Pôle d’Optique Photonique Sud, OPTITEC (France)
  9. Technische Universiteit Eindhoven – COBRA Research Institute (Netherlands)
  10. InvestorNet/Gate2Growth, INVG2G (Denmark)
  11. Europe Unlimited (Belgium)

Supported by:
European Commission FP7 grant agreement nr. 619463