OES – 2018 Samsung GRO Program is now open!

Application deadline is 11th June 2018

Annually, Samsung’s GRO (Global Research Outreach) program invites your attention to Samsung’s academic research collaboration call for proposals, which is open to the world’s leading universities. We are excited to announce that, this year, we are seeking your proposals in 27 research themes as below.

• Brain Inspired Computing & Neural Interface
• Health Technology
• Ultra-thin and High-resolution AR Glasses
• Next Generation Computing
• Cognitive Edge Computing
• Data Profiling and Curation
• Software Engineering
• Data Analytics
• Near-infrared Sensor Materials
• Hybrid System of Energy Harvesting and Battery
• 3D battery
• Materials Simulation
• High Permittivity MLCC Dielectric Materials
• Materials Informatics & Deep Learning
• Hardware Security
• Camera Technology
• New Logic Device
• Computing Architecture for Data Analytics
• Security & Privacy
• Data Service Platform
• Conversational Assistant
• New Quantum Dot
• New Type Light Emitting Materials
• Ultra Compact Power Conversion Platform
• Microbial Conversion Materials
• Functional Oxide
• Components and Materials for 5G

Selected proposals for GRO will be awarded with cash support between USD 150,000 and USD 200,000 per annum depending on the theme. Awards may be renewed for up to three years, based on research outcomes and necessity for further research driven by Samsung. Joint proposals will be also accepted through a representative university. The GRO opportunities are useful as innovation projects and to put key global research teams on the Samsung radar so universities and researchers can experience working together, hopefully, to build to bigger collaborations in the future.
The application deadline is 11TH June 2018 (9 AM, Korean Standard Time, UTC+9).
For more detailed information and call for proposal details per technical title and theme, please, search Samsung GRO or visit the official GRO website at
On the website you can find out more about GRO including technology subject details, proposal guidelines and time lines for proposal submission. Through this collaboration platform we truly hope to establish a solid partnership with you and your university. Furthermore, we wish to incubate creative research that will bridge us to true technology innovation.
Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
Thank you very much for your kind attention. We look forward to hearing from you and encourage you to share these opportunities across your university and networks, as joint proposals with R&D partner universities and cross departmental contributions are highly welcome.
A PDF version of 2018 GRO leaflet is available for download.