LOPEC 2022

LOPEC, March 23-24, 2022, Messe Munich, B0/308

We are pleased to allow you a foretaste of our trade show presence. From March 23-24, 2022, we will present our members and some of our projects live in Munich at this year’s LOPEC. On 100 sqm you will find our highlights and the corresponding contact persons on site.

Companies, especially small and medium sized enterprises, are invited to get an impression of printed, flexible and wearable electronics.
Take the opportunity to meet all relevant contacts – for a free visitor ticket please contact us.

Business Talk, LOPEC at OES booth © OES

Business Talk – Experts meet OES
Cordial invitation to the Business Talk at the OES joint booth 308. Discover the news and get into conversation with our experts. We will welcome you with a glass of sparkling wine and look forward to your questions.

  • Wednesday, March 23 – 10:45 a.m.
  • Thursday, March 24 – 11:00 a.m.

Visitor tickets free of charge at: barm@oes-net.de


R3D Roll-to-3D-Shape
based on flexible, printed electronics
creates completely new input devices:
+ ONE part / NO gaps
+ waterproof
+ hygienic
+ sensitive
ontact: www.adSphere.solutions
Find more Information
adSphereController @ Adenso
Adenso GmbH
modular winding platform
based on proved winding modules
creates complex processing lines on a simple way:
+ un/rewinder
+ laminating
+ UV-Imprint
+ LASER structuring/dicing
+ customized process integration

Contact: www.advancedWINDING.solutions
R2R Plattform 101x © Adenso
Adolf Müller GmbH & Co.KG
Adolf Müller GmbH &Co KG is your key supplier for Roll-to-Roll converting machines of highly sensitive and adhesive films. Müller machines feature unique, accurate close loop web tension control technology. Our machines are designed for 24/7 operation in Roll-to-Roll inspection, slitting and laminating processes. Over 40 years our know how provides solutions to key manufacturers supporting proven and new processes in adhesive and sensitive films industry.
Contact: info@mueller-machines.com
© Adolf Müller GmbH & Co. KG
CreaPhys GmbH
CreaPhys GmbH is a spin-off of the Technical University Dresden. CreaPhys is a technology leader in purification and vacuum deposition of molecular organic and inorganic compounds for research and manufacturing of optoelectronic devices, perovskite solar cells and lithium-ion batteries. High purity materials are key for numerous applications including, but not limited to, life science, pharmacy and fine chemistry and nanotechnology.
Organic electronics in particular require extremely high purities of deposited materials for reproducible mass production of efficient and reliable devices such as OLEDs and organic solar cells. CreaPhys offers in-house material preparation as a service to help material manufacturers and OEMs improve their material purity and device performance. In addition, CreaPhys develops, builds and distributes complete systems for the purification of organic and inorganic materials.
Contact: sales@creaphys.com
Detail of PEROvap © CreaPhys GmbH
Fraunhofer Institute for Organic Electronics, Electron Beam and Plasma Technology FEP
Flexible OLEDs with their unique properties such as flexibility, transparency, multicolor and segmentation offer designers a virtually unlimited tool for the design and integration of new area lighting. Fraunhofer FEP has many years of experience and the technological know-how for various processes for the customized development and integration of OLEDs on different substrates.
Within the joint project LAOLA, a surgical lamp has now been developed as an application for large-area OLED. The lamp combines large OLED lighting panels with LED spotlights in its design. Thus, it enables a pleasant, glare-free, as well as a direct illumination at the same time. The OLEDs were processed at Fraunhofer FEP in a roll-to-roll process on ultra-thin glass with its excellent barrier properties. In addition, the use of the flexible glass makes it possible to ensure important factors such as long-term stability and a hygienic surface for the luminaire.
More Information: https://s.fhg.de/Q8q
Prototype of surgical light with OLED on ultra-thin glass and LED © gpointstudio / shutterstock & WOLFRAM Designers and Engineers
Fraunhofer-Institut für Zuverlässigkeit und Mikrointegration IZM
Fraunhofer IZM specializes in applied and industrial contract research. Within the field of System Integration and Interconnect Technologies, the range of services spans consultation, to process development, right through to technical system solutions. In the area of Wearable & Conformable Electronics we develop and qualify packaging technologies for flexible, stretchable or formable substrates based on polymerics and textiles.
Contact: https://www.izm.fraunhofer.de/
Injection over-molded printed test assembly, in cooperation with Accomplast GmbH © Fraunhofer IZM
Freudenberg Industrie Siebdruck GmbH
Freudenberg Industrie Siebdruck is anything but your average printing plant. The modern family-run company, Freudenberg Industrie Siebdruck combines many years of experience and innovation with passion, diversity and a mindset that’s focused on quality. After all, we have been successfully tuning our competencies and know-how in the fields of technical screen printing and printed electronics. The result? Effective synergies, a unique portfolio of sheet to sheet and round screen printing. Most of all we have preserved our very quick, efficient, and flexible solutions for our customers.
Contact: Freudenberg Industrie Siebdruck GmbH, Am Feld 4, 01257 Dresden, Germany, +49 351-270120, info@siebdruck-freudenberg.de, www.siebdruck-freudenberg.de
Capacitive glass keyboard @ Freudenberg
Heliatek GmbH
As the technology leader in organic photovoltaics, Heliatek develops, produces and distributes industrial-grade organic PV solar solutions for virtually any building surface (horizontal, vertical, curved, rigid, and flexible). Heliatek stands for energy solutions designed for various traditional and never been possible before applications based on its unique features – it is ultra-light, flexible, ultra-thin and truly green.
HeliaSol® is a ready-to-use solution, ideal for retrofitting on existing building structures. HeliaFilm® is tailor-made solar film for companies in the building and construction material industry, to integrate into their façade or roof system products. Heliatek employs more than 200 people at the Dresden and Ulm locations in Germany.
Contact: https://www.heliatek.com/en/
HeliaSol – the innovative solar film © Heliatek
Kundisch GmbH & Co KG
As a company of the Swiss Phoenix Mecano AG Group, Kundisch benefits from worldwide production facilities and an international presence. Kundisch is focusing on hybrid and flexible electronics. The production facilities have clean room technology, sheet to sheet screen printing, lamination, cutting as well as reflow soldering on flexible substrates. Soldering on flexible PET substrates is a key element for integration of electronics and saving costs. Kundisch also provides transparent touch systems as well as complete HMI solutions.
Contact: Kundisch GmbH & Co KG, Steinkirchring 56, 78056 Villingen-Schwenningen, Germany, +49 7720 9761-0, info@kundisch.de, www.kundisch.de
LED Ring © Kundisch
Organic Electronics Saxony OES
Organic Electronics Saxony is Europe’s leading cluster for organic semiconductors, flexible electronic components and printed electronics. As a beacon of excellence, the network is leading the way for tomorrow’s trends. More than 50 high-tech companies and research institutions offer research and production expertise in the technologies of organic electronics (OLED, OPV, transistors, sensors and lasers), as well as flexible, printed and hybrid electronics, from materials, processes, equipment, design and components to complete products.
contact: barm@oes-net.de, https://oes-net.de/
Papierfabrik Louisenthal GmbH
More driving comfort and longer range for electric vehicles thanks to SmartMesh® foils from Louisenthal. Simulations by IAV GmbH show that the conductive heatable foil heats the interior faster and more efficiently than classic heating concepts. A special highlight:
the SmartMesh® film is transparent and allows lighting elements to be installed in the vehicle interior „behind“ the surface heating. In the medium term, even windows can be heated, which means no more misted-up windows and easier defrosting of ice in winter.
Contact: Lenssen Daniel, daniel.lenssen@louisenthal.com
SmartMesh® © Louisenthal
ROVAK GmbH is a leading specialist in plant engineering for the field of pulsed high-power flash lamps (FLA, flash lamp annealing). With the systems a locally precise heat supply is realized by ultra-short process times. Especially in the field of flexible and organic electronics, significant energy savings can be achieved by limiting the heat input to the desired substrate area. FLA technology is considered a key technology in the manufacturing process.
Contact: reichmann@rovak.de
Sempa Systems GmbH
Sempa Systems GmbH (part of the Meptagon Group) designs, manufactures and installs gas and chemical supply solutions for demanding industries and offers various innovative products to high tech industries.
HiBarSens® is a joint development of the Sempa Systems GmbH with the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft­ zur­ Förderung der­ angewandten­ Forschung ­e.V. It stands for ultra-reliable measurement of permeation properties of barrier films. It is used for quality control of barrier film production processes as well as in research and development.
Due to its flexibility and yet simplicity, HiBarSens® is your perfect choice to determine sample and application specific barrier properties such as the water vapor transmission rate (WVTR) or the water vapor breakthrough behavior (Lag time) under very different measurement conditions.
HiBarSens® is the first system which is able to measure up to 85 °C and so enabling the important WVTR damp heat measurement condition. Furthermore HiBarSens® also offers the unique possibility to derive an oxygen transmission rate (OTR).
Contact: gruebler@sempa.de, https://sempa.de/en/products/measurement-technology
HiBarSens® – ultra reliable measurement of permeation properties of barrier films © Sempa Systems
Saxony Trade & Invest – WFS
Saxony Trade & Invest (Wirtschaftsförderung Sachsen GmbH) promotes Saxony – the hightech region in Germany as an attractive, dependable business location in Germany. We assist domestic and foreign investors from the initial idea to the implementation of a business setup or expansion project in Saxony. In cooperation with the Saxon State Government, national and regional economic development agencies, interest groups, as well as many other stakeholders, we act as guide to accompany commercial enterprises.
We know and network!
Contact: armin.reith@wfs.saxony.de, https://business-saxony.com/

SenSa – Sensor Technology for Saxony – bundles all activities of the sensor technology players and offers a platform for active exchange. The recording of current trends, constant monitoring of the market and the research landscape reflect the regional and supra-regional competencies.
With the help of networking and transparency, a great potential for cooperation among the actors and a common orientation of R&D activities is created. The focus is on the development and market introduction of new sensor concepts with the involvement of industrial research of sensory systems of the R&D institutions. The cooperation takes place pre-competitively on the technology level, the differentiated product development based on the joint research results is carried out by the companies. Through the innovation cluster, the topics are considered across industries and technologies.
Contact: https://www.sensorik-sachsen.de/

Over the course of two successful European projects, SmartEEs has supported European SME and Mid-Cap companies in experimenting with Flexible & Wearable Electronics (FWE) technologies to promote the uptake of FWE technologies and adoption by industrial actors. See exciting demonstrators from different application fields and learn how the newly founded SmartEEs Association can support you in bringing your FWE idea to market by fostering, giving access to, and improving connections within an emerging European FWE ecosystem.
Contact: https://smartees.tech

For free visitor tickets please contact barm@oes-net.de

More information, world’s meeting point for the printed electronics sector LOPEC: https://lopec.com/en/trade-fair/information/at-a-glance/



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