Experience watttron’s digital heating & sealing technology at our Christmas webinars!

Save the date 16th & 17th December 2020!
We are proud and thankful that the jury of the German Packaging Award selected our cera2seal® sealing system in the category digitalization. For us this is another step on our mission to create a new product category of intelligent and efficient systems what we call „Digital Heating“.
We had two successful webinars on this topic with more than 200 guests already in September 2020. After the webinar, many customers asked us, if we could also seal spouts with monomaterials. Many participants were also interested, if our cera2heat® system could process PP material without plug assist.

  • Webinar on December 16th, 2020 – Digital Heating systems for efficient thermoforming of PP material

The focus will be on one-step processing of PP monomaterials without plug assist.
1 p.m. CET in German (time slot approx. 1 h)
5 p.m. CET in English (time slot approx. 1 h)

  • Webinar on December 17th, 2020 – Digital sealing systems for mono material pouches with spout

The main topic will be the spout sealing of PP and PE monomaterials.
1 p.m. CET in German (time slot approx. 1h)
5 p.m. CET in English (time slot approx. 1h)
For registration please click on one of the webinars above or send an e-mail to watttrinar@watttron.com
P.S. It’s a Christmas edition webinar. It means there will be some surprises and special Saxonian gifts to win! Among the first 50 registered people we will give away five famous special pastries „Dresdner Christstollen“. First come, first serve! Don’t miss this event.