RadarGlass – Vom Autoscheinwerfer zum Radarsensor

Safety and assistance systems are becoming increasingly important in the automotive industry. However, due to the installation of a constantly growing number of sensors in the car in combination with the limited availability of exposed measuring points, there is hardly any space available for the installation of sensors. Together with partners in the „RadarGlass“ project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), we have developed radar sensors that can be integrated into the front headlights of a car.
The “RadarGlass” project has opened up a wide range of applications in the automotive and automotive supplier industry, with a variety of impulses expected to result from the current development trend towards autonomous vehicles. In addition to licensing agreements, further collaborative projects with industry are being sought for incorporating these radar modules into serial production.
Read more about the „RadarGlass“ project in the current press release.