E-VITA – Mit beschleunigten Elektronen zu gesundem Saatgut

Press release - September 06, 2021

Securing food for the growing population with healthy food is a considerable challenge and the demand for environmentally friendly and highly economical seed treatment processes is correspondingly high.

On July 1, 2021, Ceravis AG and Fraunhofer FEP founded E-VITA GmbH. This spin-off is dedicated to the chemical-free, sustainable treatment of seeds and feedstuffs to rid them of pathogenic fungi, bacteria and viruses.

E-VITA focuses not only on disinfecting the grain itself, but also on treating it with biological stimulants to increase yields and improve seed resistance. The process is also offered for smaller quantities in compact systems, the heart of which is an electron ring source developed by Fraunhofer FEP.

Full press release from Fraunhofer FEP