SmartEEs – Innovative Projekte gesucht!

Acceleration program for the integration of flexible electronics technologies into novel products

SmartEES is the European acceleration program supported by the European Commission and dedicated to help Innovative Companies access new markets and grow their business by integrating  flexible electronics into products and services.
CALL OPENED ON 18th of DEC. 2017!
By applying to SmartEEs,
European Innovative Companies will benefit from freedom in design, high flexibility in functions integration and the agility of flexible electronics to make the difference in the marketplace.
A financial support of 140k€ (80k€ direct services and 60k€ Voucher) will be allocated to
the 20 most promising applicants.  
Applicants to the program will get access to more than 35 flexible electronics technologies to develop new products integrating organic photovoltaics, flexible displays, OLED lighting, control & Intelligence systems.
The SmartEEs team will provide customized support through a complete set of services from technology to business connections and access to funding beyond SmartEEs acceleration support.
All applicants to SmartEEs acceleration program will benefit from SmartEEs unique ecosystem composed by leading research organizations, recognized experts in business development and access to funding, as well as more than 34 international clusters, 18 industrial partners and 8 private
To enter the SmartEEs acceleration program submit your application online to the open Call at
5 Cut Off dates from March 2018 to September 2019
!!! Live application submission at LOPEC-2018 (Munich) at SmartEEs booth on 13-15 March!!!
For Additional info (program, partners, large area electronics, call criteria…) visit SmartEEs website.
You will find all information here: Fact Sheet