Unhide The Champions X Optics & Photonics

UNHIDE THE CHAMPIONS is the partnering platform for young high-tech companies from all over Europe and the German Mittelstand. The major goal is to introduce and connect innovators out of one specific technology sector (next Event: Optics and Photonics) to explore potential synergies, building trust, cooperate successfully and doing business together.

The next innovation-showcase is focused on “Optics & Photonics“ on 28th November and takes place in the technology hotspot Jena, Thuringia. The HighTech Startbahn invites you and your network to unhide the newest developments in the following applications:

  • connected mobility
  • feed & food
  • life sciences & healthcare
  • manufacturing & production
  • sustainability & clean environment.

Connect and discuss potential cooperation, initiate partnerships and co-innovation and see who wants to turn the optics and photonics sector upside-down.

Young European high-tech enterprises are called upon to apply as soon as possible, if they want to present their innovations, products and solutions to the German Mittelstand.

25 get the chance to present their solutions in a pitch. All participating young high-tech enterprises get a booth in the exhibition area and full access to Partnering app to schedule Meetings with the attending representatives of the German Mittelstand.

Registration is now open: https://unhide-the-champions.eu/events/