Saxon-British demonstrator project "Hydrogen drive concepts on rails"


Become a part of the project at the SET4FUTURE Research Factory in Birmingham!


03-10 to 03-12-2020


Birmingham, Großbritannien


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In cooperation with the ERCI partner network Rail Alliance and the BCRRE – Birmingham Center for Railway Research and Education, BTS Rail Saxony invites you to Birmingham to visit the HydroFlex – the first hydrogen train in the UK at the Quinton Railway Technology Center – and technical background on the vehicle and to learn about the underlying R&D project. But it’s not just about viewing the train.

The aim of the workshop in Birmingham, based on British experience, is to develop a joint project that also shows the technology in Saxony as a demonstrator. Here, Saxon topics can also be introduced as part of a keynote speech. The final part of the event is a B2B meeting with British companies at the University of Birmingham.

Registration deadline: February 28, 2020

More information about the event and registration