Printed Electronics Innovation Day 2024

Welcome to the Printed Electronics Innovation Day

This is a free-to-attend online conference and exhibition organized by TechBlick. This event is co-located with TechBlick Display Innovation Day (online). We invite all engineers, researchers, entrepreneurs, inventors, and end users active in reshaping the future of electronics to join this wonderful one-day event

The event features cutting-edge talks by leading researchers, inventors and companies in the field, showcasing the latest advances in RESHAPING the FUTURE of Electronics. If you wish to present at this forum email

Printed Electronics Innovation Day – 11 December 2024 – Online

The main topics will include: Printed Electronics, Additive Electronics, Flexible Electronics, In-Mold Electronics, Textile Electronics, 3D Electronics, Sustainable Electronics, and Wearable Electronics.

Sub-Topics: Additive Electronics, Screen Printing, Stretchable Electronics, Soft Electronics, Printed Electronics, Inkjet Printing, EHD Printing, MicroDispensing, PCBs, SMTs, Interconnects, Low-T Solder, Stretchable Substrates, Paper Electronics, Conductive Inks, Thermal or Photonic Curing, Aerosol Deposition, Smart Patches, Medical Devices, HMIs, Capacitive Touch, Nanowires, Transparent Heaters, Semiconductor Packaging, Adhesives

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