Matchmaking Friday - Energy & Environment Edition


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25.06.2021 9:00 - 13:00 Uhr




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Developing Business Opportunities in Flexible and Wearable Electronics.

SmartEEs cluster partners DSP Valley (BE/NL), Minalogic (FR) and OES (DE) are proud to announce the first online session bringing SMEs, Midcaps, Labs and RTOs together around Flexible Electronics Business Opportunities in healthcare.

We invite you to meet with potential partners through:

  • visionary key notes
  • pitching sessions and
  • curated matchmaking

New angles, fresh ideas, existing technology.

Energy & Environment Edition – 25 June 2021, 9am – 1pm CET

Flexible and Wearable Electronics (FWE) are rising in the world economy as one of the most promising technologies in fulling the main objective of energy efficiency: reducing the time needed for operations to be carried out as well as maximizing quality.

Companies in the energy sector are under pressure from the industry, investors, interest groups, and governments to develop a more efficient energy model and effective operational solutions.  This is driving a need to invest in technologies that provide innovative methods for emerging necessities, such as power consumption, increased lifespan, compactness, cost, charging cycles, and reliability. In fact, the increasing demand for renewable energy projects and lighting technologies tender promising opportunities for market players.

Therefore, FWE relies on its ability to assemble electric circuits on flexible plastic substrates to introduce a new generation of technological devices with functionalities like ruggedness, portability, light-weight, and low production costs (compared to rigid substrates) to create advantages and market opportunities in the energy and environmental sectors.


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Reliability & Resilience Edition – 9 July 2021

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