Sunic System Co. LTD: and OLED deposition tools for Gen 8 IT OLED panels

The Korean company Sunic System Co. LTD: has been selected by the Chinese company BOE to supply OLED deposition tools for Gen 8 IT OLED panels.

BOE to use Sunic System’s kit for Gen 8 IT OLED production

BOE has decided to use OLED deposition machines from South Korea’s Sunic System for its production of Gen 8 IT OLED panels, TheElec has learned.

Rival Canon Tokki didn’t put in a bid for the order, paving the way for Sunic System to clinch the deal as the single vendor.

The South Korean equipment maker had supplied OLED deposition machines to Samsung Display, LG Display, and BOE in the past but these were for testing, not commercial production.

LG Display used Sunic System’s machine for its OLED panel production aimed at Apple Watch and automobiles, but the volume was negligible.

Supplying such equipment for the OLED panel production of smartphones and tablets is considerably more profitable as their unit volume are much larger and screens bigger.

For iPhone OLED panels, display panel makers have all used exclusively Canon Tokki for deposition machines.

The latest win for Sunic System may open it up to supply its kits to Samsung Display and LG Display for their Gen 8 OLED production.

Sunic System will supply two units to BOE’s B16 line under the new deal. As the line is in its first phase of construction, the Chinese display panel maker will place orders for two more in the second phase.

Sunic System had co-developed the equipment with LG Display. This means the latest deal is welcomed by LG Display as well as the machine will now be verified for commercial use.

출처 : THE ELEC, Korea Electronics Industry Media

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