Intelligent robots for targeted combating of viruses and bacteria

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Service robots can help ensure that buildings and means of transport are cleaned and disinfected regularly and with consistently high quality. Since October 2020, twelve institutions of the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft have been working on the development of new technologies for this field of application. Led by Fraunhofer IPA, the partners are pooling their expertise in the »Mobile Disinfection“ (MobDi) research project to contribute to a safe »New Normal« in times of pandemic. The project is part of the »Fraunhofer vs. Corona« action program.

One key in the fight against COVID-19 is to minimize the risk of infection. This challenge is being addressed by the »Mobile Disinfection« (MobDi) project, in which the involved Fraunhofer experts are developing new hardware and software solutions for mobile service robots. On the one hand, these should make it possible to disinfect potentially contaminated surfaces in buildings and means of transportation as needed and gently with a robot. On the other hand, the developments should help to automate the transport of materials in clinics and thus counteract the spread of germs by staff.

Detailed information on the service robots and also participation opportunities for interested companies can be found in the current press release.