Displate and Inuru Announce Partnership to Bring Unique User Experience through OLED Technology

Press release INURU - April 07, 2023

Warsaw, Poland – April 7th, 2023 – Inuru, a leader in smart packaging and objects, has partnered with Displate, a pioneer in on-demand metal printing, to offer a new type of animated poster that provides a unique user experience to Displate customers. Displate’s new product category, called LUMINO, was launched today, April 7th, with the release of an animated poster that illuminates pictures in a specific sequence.

Inuru’s paper-thin lighting technology enables the poster to maintain a paper-thin appeal while illuminating shapes of any kind. The resulting product looks like it’s straight out of the movie „Back from the Future,“ with an animation on top that adds to the visual experience. The first poster design features a popular Cyberpunk 2077 design from CD Project, with plans for additional designs in the future.

According to Marcin Ratajczak, CEO of Inuru, „The cooperation is important for us, as it demonstrates the ubiquitous application of our technology as its quality continues to increase. This is the first product that can be directly acquired by consumers.“

Displate and Inuru are both top innovators in their respective fields. Displate has managed to create on-demand metal prints of high quality that are loved by consumers worldwide. The globally operating company, located in Poland, operates a complex and high-tech production environment to keep up with the complexity of the product.

Inuru, on the other hand, is a pioneer in smart objects and packaging. Its key innovation lies in the simplification of the OLED production process from a vacuum process to a simple printing process, making it possible to meet the price point and produce on demand from volume one.

„The cyberpunk design of the first poster fits perfectly with the cyber appeal of the technology,“ said a Displate spokesperson. „We have been able to create a product that is just magic for our customers.“

The partnership between Displate and Inuru promises to bring new and exciting products to consumers worldwide, showcasing the possibilities of innovative technology in everyday objects.

The products are available to buy at: https://displate.com/lumino/6355779

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